Sachtler Flowtech System FSB 8 FT MS


ab 50.00

Payload bis 1-10kg
Geeignet für DSLR, Sony FS7 und RED Scarlet-W


Sachtler System FSB 8 carbon fibre with Fluid Head, flowtech® Tripod, Mid-Level Spreader & Bag


For projects that require larger camcorders, smaller film and DSLR set-ups, having a fluid head that doesn’t hold you up or let you down is a must. The Sachtler FSB 8 Fluid Head’s Snap & Go means that pre-configured setups are as quick as clicking the camera into place on the side of the tripod. Payload support of up to 10 kg and a large sliding range of 120 mm make time-consuming fiddling a thing of the past.

Once the camera is attached, the ten counterbalance steps let you finely balance as quickly as you mounted the camera. When it is time to shoot, frictionless leak-proof fluid damping with five levels of drag gives you seamless smooth motion for all your pans and tilts. Compatible with the lightweight and powerful FSB power cell allows you to film in any environment.

The Sachtler Mid-Level Spreader makes it simple to set up your tripod with a specific leg angle or footprint and helps stabilize your system. It also features a pull-up ring, spreader locks, and spreader attachment to make setting up simple and fast by keeping clumsy fiddling to a minimum.

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